About Us…

The Manitoba Underwater Council is the representative non-profit organization for all underwater activities in the Province of Manitoba. The MUC aims to preserve, protect, and promote activities of organized clubs and associations in the Province of Manitoba, participating competitively or solely for relaxation.
The MUC endeavours to be a leader in promoting safety, environmental awareness and fun in underwater activities while growing a network of supportive and resourceful members.

Our History

MUC is founded


Underwater Football was invented


Incorporated as a non-profit

September 5, 1968

World Record Set in Manitoba

World’s deepest diving winged insect – 85 feet
October 13, 1975

Partners and Allies

To help us succeed in our mission, we have joined forces with several organizations who help us stay on the leading edge of conservation efforts in Manitoba, and who make it possible to engage with our members in new and exciting ways.

Is the leading planning, programming, and funding agency for the development of amateur sport in Manitoba.

Works to protect, maintain and improve our province’s essential water resources.

Helps people make informed decisions about safety when participating in activities in, on, or around the water.

Lowers the barriers to technology through access to tools, knowledge, training and talent for non-profits like the MUC.

Strives to drive local action for global ocean conservation.

Gives us the tools we need to spread our message and make a difference, while promoting sustainability for all.

Our Team

Meet the MUC Directors and Chairpersons who volunteer their time to keep the organization on track and our members under the waves.


The MUC would like to give a shoutout to all of our amazing volunteers who did not make the list above. We wouldn’t be the same without you, and we are so grateful for all the work you do.
Thank You!