About Us…

The Manitoba Underwater Council is the representative non-profit organization for all underwater activities in the Province of Manitoba. The MUC aims to preserve, protect, and promote activities of organized clubs and associations in the Province of Manitoba, participating competitively or solely for relaxation.
The MUC endeavours to be a leader in promoting safety, environmental awareness and fun in underwater activities while growing a network of supportive and resourceful members.

Our History


The Manitoba Underwater Council (MUC) is Founded

July 31, 1965

First Spearfishing Contest

Held at Childs Lake, this event was a fun and exciting alternative to fishing.

July 31, 1965
September 5, 1968

MUC is Incorporated as a Non-Profit

September 5, 1968
October 13, 1975

World Record Set in Manitoba

World’s deepest diving winged insect – 85 feet

October 13, 1975
April 1, 1986

Incorporation of the Canadian Federation for Underwater Activities

MUC was a charter member.

April 1, 1986
May 1, 1988

Mapping Manitoba

MUC started mapping dive sites all across Manitoba, and even a few in north-western Ontario.

May 1, 1988
March 3, 1990

First UWF Tournament

We will have more to say about this soon.

March 3, 1990
August 14, 1990

MUC Saved Cat’s Ass Dive Site

With our members support and the help of local dive shops, we lobbied to stop the Manitoba Government from destroying this iconic dive site.

August 14, 1990

Partners and Allies

To help us succeed in our mission, we have joined forces with several organizations who help us stay on the leading edge of conservation efforts in Manitoba, and who make it possible to engage with our members in new and exciting ways.

Is the leading planning, programming, and funding agency for the development of amateur sport in Manitoba.

Works to protect, maintain and improve our province’s essential water resources.

Helps people make informed decisions about safety when participating in activities in, on, or around the water.

Lowers the barriers to technology through access to tools, knowledge, training and talent for non-profits like the MUC.

Strives to drive local action for global ocean conservation.

Gives us the tools we need to spread our message and make a difference, while promoting sustainability for all.

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Our Team

Meet the MUC Directors and Chairpersons who volunteer their time to keep the organization on track and our members under the waves.

Jacqui on land.

Jacqui Dufault


Jacqui Dufault was born and raised in Manitoba. She was certified in West Hawk Lake in 2007, and has been a dive professional since 2011.
She has been a long-time member of the council, and held various positions on the MUC BOD since 2014.
With thousands of dives in Manitoba and around the world. It is her goal to share with everyone the beauty that is Manitoba Under Water.

Mel in the woods.

Melanie Jichuk

Vice President

Diving since 2018.
Certified Rescue Diver, MUC board member for 2 years.

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Ed Stark


Coming Soon…

Rick in a suit.

Rick Howard

Marketing and Communications

Rick has been snorkeling the shores of the Whiteshell since the late 60’s, started diving in 2008 and is now a Master Scuba Diver Trainer with PADI. When not Wreck diving off the UK coast, Reef diving in Cuba or Cenote diving in Mexico, he can be found teaching in West Hawk Lake. Rick is responsible for ensuring all MUC communications are clear, correct, and complete. He also works to promote sport diving and underwater activities within Manitoba. Working with MUC is his way of sharing his passion and opening up this sport to more people locally.

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Keith Peters

Underwater Activities

Keith Peters has been on the MB underwater council as Chairperson of underwater sport for over 10 years.
In 2020 he joined the board of Directors as the Health and Safety Director. Keith presently serves as the Underwater Activities Director and the Chair for underwater sport.
He is also the President of the Manitoba Underwater Football Club, formerly known as the University of MB Scuba club (since 2010).
Keith plays underwater sports and scuba dives all over North America. He hopes to go overseas to represent Canada in international competition.
B.P.E., B.Ed., P.B.D.Ed.

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Jason Ball

Special Projects

Coming Soon…

Jeff by the water.

Jeff Isaacs


Diving since 2018.
Certified Rescue Diver, loves to travel and can’t wait to get back to Mexico to finish his cave certification.

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Kalie Peters


Kalie Peters is the Webmaster for the Manitoba Underwater Council.
She is responsible for coordinating and maintaining MUC’s internet presence.
Kalie’s achievements to date include modernizing the MUC website and creating interactive dive maps for all known dive locations in Manitoba.
In 2021, Kalie briefly served as the Health and Safety Director for MUC.
She is also a competitive underwater sports athlete. Starting her career in 2014, Kalie has since played on the World Champion underwater football team, and is currently training to represent Canada in the 2023 underwater rugby World Cup. Her goal is to raise awareness for the underwater sports, and share her passion with everyone she meets.


The MUC would like to give a shoutout to all of our amazing volunteers who did not make the list above. We wouldn’t be the same without you, and we are so grateful for all the work you do.
Thank You!

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