Manitoba Underwater Council

Starts with swimming…

Our Vision

To be a leader in promoting safety, environmental awareness and fun for all underwater activities in Manitoba, while growing a network of supportive and resourceful members.


From our website to our dive sites, and everything in between, safety is a top priority for us at the MUC.


We have partnered with many eco friendly companies and try to maintain as small a carbon footprint as possible.


Through our newsletters, calendar, and blog, our team keeps the community updated about our safety, conservation, SCUBA diving, and other underwater activities in Manitoba.


Winnipeg is the birthplace of Underwater Football; the longest running underwater sport in Canada.


We use our connections and authority to represent our members to all levels of government and get results.


Members get access to exclusive content, features, and networking opportunities. Join us today!

MUC Programs

If you want to join the underwater scene in Manitoba, we’ve got you covered. From non-swimmers to master divers we can connect you with the information and people you need to enhance your underwater journey.

SCUBA Diving

A variety of dive sites and activities exist for divers in all parts of the province. We can help you find the right place and activity for you.

Underwater Sports

If you’re tired of swimming on the surface and want to join the ranks of Winnipeg’s Underwater Warriors, consider joining one of our Underwater Football clubs.

Environmental Efforts

We protect and preserve the lakes of Manitoba so that future generations can experience the same beauty and wonder that we do today.
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